DOH Medical Grade: Timeline and Important Facts

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DOH Medical Compliance Tax Exemption

On June 6th, 2024, House Bill 1453 will become law in the state of Washington. From that day forward, registered medical cannabis patients and their designated providers have the legal right to receive an excise tax and sales tax exemption when purchasing Department of Health qualifying Medical Grade cannabis at medically endorsed stores, amounting to a very large consumer discount.

Update – 05/20/2024: LCB issues guidance to retailers for tax reporting starting June 6th.

Certified With Confidence

Medical Grade CWC LogoThe Tested With Confidence Program has been rebranded as the Certified With Confidence Program to acknowledge consumer cannabis brands meeting the Department of Health’s Medical Grade standards. Producer/processor licensees in the program commit at least 60% of their compliance samples to Medical Grade standards, certified by Confidence Analytics, and receive a spot on the listing as well as discounts on Medical Grade testing services.

The program aims to connect retailers with producers and processors carrying medically compliant products, catering to the medical community in Washington. Interested parties can contact for further inquiries or to join the program.

Like you, Confidence Analytics is invested in high-quality outcomes. Through our ISO 17025-accredited Heavy Metals testing, our expertise delivers product safety and fast turnaround times.

Steep Discount for Licensees

Exclusive pricing for Heavy Metals testing is available for those licensees testing at least 60% of their compliance samples to Medical Grade standards. This price applies to comprehensive compliance packages with Terpenes.

Full i502 Compliance + Heavy Metals + Terpenes = DOH Complaint

  • Flower and Intermediate Products: $325 $295
  • End Products: $235 $195 (no Terpene test on edibles)

**When enrolling at least 60% of your products. Terms apply, enroll today before the offer expires.

Lock in this Price

Lab prices can fluctuate due to changing regulations, including the recent shift of accreditation from the Liquor and Cannabis Board to the Department of Agriculture (see below). This transition could impact pricing.

Lock in your price for the DOH Medical Grade test package by dedicating over 60% of your compliance tests to the program. We are prepared to establish a contract with you to maintain this fixed price until the end of 2025 (19 months) by allocating 60% or more of your product line to the DOH’s Medical Grade standards.

LCB Plans New Rules for the Tax Deduction

The LCB has opened an initial public comment period ending May 29 pursuant to rulemaking related to this law. The new rules will facilitate implementation of House Bill 1453 to “provide a separate tax reporting line on the excise tax form for exemption amounts.” While the timeline for rule revisions is never guaranteed, the LCB has indicated their intent to have them effective sometime near the end of summer (tentatively September 14th). The development of these rules does not delay the effective date of the law.*

DOH will Revise their Rules, too

The Department of Health is already underway in taking stakeholder feedback on rule revisions regarding what qualifies as compliant products. Among other things, these new rules may add specificity to the way labs report results on Medical Grade products, change the logo for said products, change the sampling requirements, lower pesticide and heavy metals action limits, add specific requirements regarding terpene testing and labeling, and more. There is no anticipated timeline for when this rulemaking goes into effect, but it is expected to take place no sooner than six months from now.

Lab Accreditation is also Changing

This year, new legislation has shifted the accreditation of cannabis labs from the Liquor and Cannabis Board to the Department of Agriculture. The details of this transition are still being finalized and could impact lab prices. At Confidence Analytics, we are dedicated to keeping testing costs low, turnaround times quick, and quality high. Our most loyal customers always receive our best prices. Stay tuned for updates on these regulatory changes. The Department has tentatively set January 1st as the effective date.

* The information contained herein reflects Confidence Analytics opinion of its review of the upcoming changes, including conversations with LCB Policy and External Affairs spokespeople. This post is not intended to provide legal advice and the reader is directed to seek a legal interpretation of the law from an attorney.

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