How can I avoid failing Moisture Analysis?

It definitely does not pay to send overly moist material to the lab. Despite pressures to get flower to market as quickly as possible, your QA sample should represent the fully cured product you are bringing to market.

If you are unsure about the moisture content of your flowers, an inexpensive moisture meter can be helpful for taking estimations during cure. While not terribly accurate, moisture meters available at construction or home improvement stores will suffice for this purpose. Make sure to test a variety of bud sizes and structures to get a good idea of average moisture across your lot. To get a good reading, insert the meter probes into the innermost portions of the buds. Caution is advised if the moisture reading is greater than 12%. Many producers/processors aim for the 3-6% moisture range.

The approval and retest process for a moisture failure is certainly more disruptive than simply allowing your product time to cure before sending it out for QA.