How do I make retail package labels with all of my results?

When logged into the results portal, once you click the “Details” button next to a sample, it will open a menu that shows the certificate and several other tools.  Above your test certificate, there is a button that says “Label.”  When the “Label” button is clicked, a menu will open with several different ratios for label printing.  These labels can include all the cannabinoids we test for, as well as information on your terpene results (if applicable).

In the boxes above the labels, enter all of the applicable information.  The “Your Label Name (DBA)” field is optional and can be used if you want a different brand identity to show on your labels than what is the default for your test results.  As information is entered, the labels will update with that information and associated bar code.

An image of the desired label ratio can be saved by right clicking and selecting the “save image as” or “copy image” option and putting the image into your label printing software.  Alternatively a screenshot can be taken, but image quality will be limited based on your computer’s display settings.