How do I wash my plants with peroxide?

Even with good practices, some amount of dust and debris is bound to settle on your plants over time. After cutting down a plant, submerge the plant in a clean basin or trough of water (or water/peroxide solution). Provide gentle agitation. Before bringing the plant back up, skim the scum of dust and debris from the surface of the water. You might be surprised how much has accumulated! After bringing the plant back up, make sure to dry it down with plenty of airflow.

Here are those instructions in more detail:


  • Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
  • Water

Mix at a ratio of 1 cup of H2O2 per 5 gallons of water. Make the mixture up in a tub large enough to submerge the material to be washed. Add the plant or buds to the bath and submerge for 3-5 minutes. With the plant matter still submerged, use a sponge to skim the “scum” off the top of the water to prevent it re-attaching to the buds when you take them out. After removal from the bath, hang or rack the plant material with plenty of airflow. The goal is to dry it down as quickly as possible without adding any heat.


  • The best time to wash is just after harvest, as trichomes and other plant structures are pliable and less prone to damage.
  • If washing dry/cured product, be as gentle as you can to prevent trichome loss. Please note with already dried product some browning/oxidation may occur. Uncured product should not experience significant browning/oxidation.
  • Treat the process as a surgical operation, being sure employees are gloved up and all contact surfaces are cleaned (10% bleach/90% water solution for table tops, trays, fans, etc).