Is your Confidence COA genuine?

All Confidence Certificates Of Analysis (COA)  include a QR Code in the top-right of each page that uniquely identifies the certificate. Following the link encoded therein will display the verified test results for the associated Sample ID. These test results are hosted on servers controlled by Confidence and are secured by multiple industry-leading protocols.

Confidence COAs also include an Authenticity Verification Code in the bottom-right of each page of the certificate – i.e. this code will be the same on every page of the test results for an individual sample. Always bear in mind: a COA consists of multiple pages; and a single page is not representative of an entire COA.

If the Confidence COA that you are presented with does not show, or is missing any part of, a matching QR Code and Authenticity Verification Code on each page, it is likely not valid.

Please contact us if you are unsure of the validity of your COA.