My certificate only shows things at a very low number; is this a level that is worth being concerned about?

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board approved a pesticides action level schedule which can be viewed here ; this schedule comprises the detected levels for certain compounds which the WSLCB considers actionable, including actions of recall. The levels they have selected are based on a paper written by the Oregon Health Authority , which itself admits that the levels are conservative but caution is warranted where smoking or vaping may lead to unknown pyrolysis products. Levels below this are generally considered safe by multiple government regulatory agencies.

We offer an option to print a condensed certificate of analysis which only shows results for compounds which are over the state action level. This condensed certificate gives the opportunity to present a certificate demonstrating compliance with state standards after extensive screening by a certified cannabis laboratory, even when incidental trace levels are found. The condensed certificate of analysis does feature a disclaimer describing the omission of anything below the action level. Processors purchasing marijuana should ask for the uncondensed certificate if they want some assurance they aren’t buying something that might concentrate pesticides to levels above the limit.