I see my results on the website, but why doesn’t my lot show QA Completed in my traceability software?

There are a variety of possible reasons for this. If for some reason the steps below do not work, you will need to contact your traceability provider’s support desk.

Daily traceability results entry has not yet been performed – While testing data is uploaded to the client portal throughout the day, results upload to traceability typically occurs toward the end of the business day. Customer notification emails are sent only after results have been entered in traceability. If you have not received an email notification, it is likely your results are not yet available in traceability.  Attempt to retrieve results after receiving your notification email.

Tests have not been paid for, or invoices for previous tests have not been paid – If you have overlooked payment for tests that were ordered, please call the office to arrange payment over the phone. The best way to ensure timely delivery of test results is to provide payment for testing with your samples at the time of pick up or drop off. If you have contracted for 30-day billing, please ensure all invoices are paid within 30 days. Late payments will delay results entry. 30-day billing terms may also be revoked for late payment. You can apply for Net 30 Terms by contacting us.

Software has not fully synced with traceability – If you have received a notification that your tests are complete, but still are not able to see your results in the state system, you may need to refresh or resync your connection to state traceability. If using BioTrack, try the “Retrieve Results” function. This is accessed at the Quality Assurance tab in your BioTrack screen.

  • PLEASE NOTE : When attempting to retrieve results, the date range fields must be adjusted to capture the date the QA sample was created in traceability. Page 74 of the BioTrack manual details the use of the “Retrieve Results” function in BioTrack (scroll to the end of the document):

There is more than one QA sample pending for the lot – If you have retrieved a result for the lot, but the lot still does not show QA complete, check to be sure there are no other electronic samples pending for the same lot. If one or more QA samples were made in error, simply void the duplicate sample(s).