Test Packages & Pricing

We are a state-of-the-art laboratory that delivers consistent and honest results, quickly and economically

The Confidence Analytics Label Guarantees:

  • Products are tested under reproducible methods
  • An easy-to-understand yet scientifically-based report of the methods performed
  • Customer confidence that products are legal and safe with accurate chemical and microbiological analysis

Compliance Test Packages

Cutting-edge analytical services for production and product sourcing with true quality assurance, documentation and scientific integrity.

Flower & Concentrate Package Pricing

Using complex procedures for sample preparation, the laboratory is able to identify the percent composition and distinguish between active and inactive forms of cannabinoids present in even a small sample.

Infused Solids and Liquids

Analyses for ensuring product safety for edible and topical Cannabis products and any infused solids, oils, fats, liquids, or others as defined by traceability.

Tested, Analyzed
& Measured Cannabinoids

  • THC


    The compound most associated with the psychoactive effect

  • THCA

    Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid

    The predominant form of the molecule in raw material

  • CBD


    The compound most associated with medicinal properties

  • CBDA

    Cannabidiolic acid

    The predominant form of the molecule in raw material

  • CBG


    The precursor to THC & CBD in the biosynthesis pathway;
    shown to reduce intraocular pressure

  • CBGA

    Cannabigerol acid

    The predominant form of the molecule in raw material

  • CBC


    Has a suggested role in the anti-inflammatory, antiviral and analgesic effects of cannabis

  • CBN


    The primary breakdown product of THC & CBD with known sedative and anxiolytic properties

  • THCV


    Similar to CBD, THCV appears to modulate THC uptake


    Tetrahydrocannabivarin Acid

    The acid form of Tetrahydrocannabivarin

  • CBDV


    Appears to have strong potential for treatment of epilepsy

  • CBT


    Research to date has been limited to molecular structure

  • d8-THC

    delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol

    A less psychoactive isomer of the commonly found d9-THC

Individual Test Pricing

Whether it’s flowers, extracts, infused edibles or topicals, we use High-Performance Liquid Chromatography for cannabinoid profiling to ensure consistency of results.

Any Single Test

One sample of green plant material or concentrate using gas chromatography to detect and quantify terpenes, terpenoids and residual solvents for extracts.

À La Carte Packages


Receive discounts by combining tests on sample Packages. Any combination of Individual Tests can be applied to the same sample to achieve the greatest value. Only applies to Green Plant Material and Solvent Extracts. Pesticide Test pricing applied independently.

Number of Tests Full Price Discount You Pay
One Test (no discount on first test) $50 (-) $50
Two Tests (second test costs $40) $100 ($10) $90
Three Tests* (third test costs $30) $150 ($30) $120
Four Tests* (fourth test costs $20) $200 ($60) $140
*Add Pesticides for only $70! $220-270 ($80-110) $190-210

How To Pay For Testing