Confidence Analytics

The Cannabis Analytical Testing Lab Washington State's best i502 producers and processors trust to deliver consistent, reliable, and easy-to-understand terpene, cannabinoid, pesticide and other analytical data at an affordable price.

Serving Producers, Processors, Retailers and Consumers with access to ISO 17025-accredited pharmaceutical grade analysis of Cannabis and Hemp products so they may meet and exceed regulatory requirements for consumer protection: We Are Confidence Analytics.

We trust Confidence Analytics to provide us accurate data for ourselves and the consumer. We used multiple testing labs our first year and a half in business and now solely rely on the consistency that they provide us; which helps us to check our work and stay as consistent as possible on our end.Gabriel
Confidence Analytics is the cannabis testing lab we trust to deliver consistent results our customers can easily read and trust. In our effort to increase transparency in cannabis Confidence has been a crucial partner to make terpene, rare cannabinoid, and pesticide analytical results reliable and affordable. Heylo
We are seeing greater accuracy and consistency across all products on our formulations side which is a testament to your method on the analytical side. Couldn’t do it without you!Olala
Thanks for making sure people are smoking safe weedRespect My Region
Like when you are in a doctor’s office and they talk down to you because they are the Doctor and think they are smarter than you. That has never once been the case from your lab. I really appreciate that and have much more trust in your science because of it.Puffin Farms

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