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True quality assurance, documentation and scientific integrity.


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Compliance Testing

Compliance testing is offered as package deals. Each package covers the variety of test requirements for each product type. We offer steep discounts for bundling multiple samples. Contact us today regarding your compliance testing needs to see which package bundle best fits your needs.

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There are many instances where additional research and development testing just makes sense.

Research and Development

Whether you are formulating a new product line, working on batch homogeneity, fine tuning a specific blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, or checking out the quality of products from new vendors - we offer solutions that meet your needs. We can offer tests a la carte or work out a project plan that will give you insight to develop your new product.

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Fast-Turns when you need it.

Next Day Turnaround

By 10 AM One Day Later.

When you drop off or we pick up samples we'll get you the analytics you need the morning of the following day. Contact us for more information. *Next Day means the first business day following the day on which the sample is at the lab by 10 AM. In other words: if the sample arrives at the lab today before 10 AM we will return results before 10 AM tomorrow; if the sample arrives at the lab today after 10 AM we will return results before 10 AM two days later. Restrictions may apply.

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Test Packages

Cutting-edge analytical services for production and product sourcing with true quality assurance, documentation and scientific integrity.

Flower & Concentrate Package Pricing

Using complex procedures for sample preparation, the laboratory is able to identify the percent composition and distinguish between active and inactive forms of cannabinoids present in even a small sample.

Infused Solids and Liquids

Analyses for ensuring product safety for edible and topical Cannabis products and any infused solids, oils, fats, liquids, or others as defined by traceability.

Individual Test Pricing

Whether it's flowers, extracts, infused edibles or topicals, we use High-Performance Liquid Chromatography for cannabinoid profiling to ensure consistency of results.

Any Single Test

One sample of green plant material or concentrate using gas chromatography to detect and quantify terpenes, terpenoids and residual solvents for extracts.