Bringing More Value To Your Product Label

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I-502 businesses are required by rule to make certain “accompanying documents” available to buyers. It’s an important part of legal cannabis’ commitment to transparency and consumer protection. Here at Confidence Analytics, we try to make it easy for you to maintain compliance while providing quality to the consumer. A QR Code (similar to the example below) on your product packaging will … Read More

Launched: new look, same excellent service!

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We’re feeling rather spiffy here at Confidence right now – our shiny new website is up and running! We’ve revamped to focus on the 3 things people look for most when they come to our site: pricing, FAQs, and blog posts. Our contact page is more comprehensive, and you can get our location information from the bottom of any page, … Read More

What’s The Difference Between 24 and 24.0?

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Seems like a simple question, doesn’t it? Clearly both have the same value, but 24 is different from 24.0 – in terms of implied precision, or certainty of the last digit. Because of the presence of the “.0”, the implication is that the value of the first two digits (24) is precise but the value of the “.0” is not, … Read More

On the Recent Rule Changes

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Recently, we’ve taken calls from a few customers about the most recent LCB rule changes. There are a few concerns, and these rules are not exactly the easiest things to figure out. Let’s catch you up as we know it. Good or Bad? And for Whom? First, let us say right away that we feel good about these changes, and … Read More

Keeping Your Testing Costs Down

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New cannabis QA testing requirements are on the horizon here in Washington state, taking effect on August 31, 2017. These rule changes mean adding new test requirements for some product types. Additional test requirements are going to mean increased testing costs for producers and processors. You can learn more about the new requirements on our New Rules FAQ page. We … Read More

Testing for Nitrates in Flower Samples

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Have you ever loaded a bowl of beautiful, sparkling flower, put the flame to the green, inhaled, and coughed out a cloud of metallic, fertilizer-flavored smoke? An incomplete flush is an unfortunate waste of flower. There are many different techniques to ensure a good flush, but wouldn’t it be nice to know if your flush is finished before finding out … Read More