Bringing More Value To Your Product Label

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A QR Code on your product packaging will allow consumers to view your test results online from their mobile device – saving you label space and at the same time enriching your label by making additional information available online!

Cannabis Flavor/Scent Wheel

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Organoleptics is based in ISO methodology and FDA regulation for conducting scientific testing in which sensory evaluation is used to evaluate quality of product. For cannabis, it is a complex test designed to provide a quality evaluation metric that looks well beyond the THC quantity of the plant, and considers a multitude of variables to identify and express the merits … Read More

The Choicest Lab Samples on Instagram

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Allow us to introduce you – internet, this is @lab_samples, our companion Instagram profile. @lab_samples is dedicated to sharing what we consider to be the most visually appealing and choicest lab samples our customers present to us for analysis. Every sample we test is photographed for our records. With appropriate permission from our customers, we are sharing those sample photos … Read More

Eight Cannabinoids by HPLC-UV

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Measurement of cannabinoid content, or “the potency test”, is frequently discussed in cannabis analysis. In this paper, we describe the method which has been in routine use at Confidence Analytics since 2014, measuring CBDA, CBGA, THCA, CBG, CBD, CBN, THC (delta-9), and CBC. It has acquired data on over 50,000 cannabis consumer products in that time. By releasing our method into the public domain, we hope to advance the standardization conversation.

Leaf Software Integrators Meeting – update

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On February 21, our software development team attended Leaf Data System’s integrators meeting. Topics of discussion included ticketing, known errors, and the systems development life cycle. Leaf is experiencing high ticket volumes, as you may imagine. They requested integrators provide greater detail in their bug reports. This should increase clarity to the errors, and make ticket resolution more efficient. A … Read More