How do I get QR codes that link to my results?

Once a result is made public, a QR code will show next to your test certificate.  The QR code may be utilized to create easy access to any party to view your results quickly and easily.  In additional to the QR code that shows next to your certificate, there is an alternate version available under the “Label” menu.  Right click the desired QR code and save or copy the image for use.

When logged into the customer portal, click the “Details” link next to the result you would like to make public.  When you click the “Make Public” button, several optional fields appear.  Enter any information you want shared on the public portal in the contact and description field.  The “Expiration” option allows you to make a result public for a limited time only, after the set expiration time it will disappear from the public results page.

Results that have been made public are available to view at