How do I manifest samples to the lab?

Samples coming from within the 502 market must travel to the lab accompanied by a paper manifest. In addition, please provide an electronic manifest in the form of a hyperlink to a JSON object emailed to us at Your 3rd-party integrator should be able to make this hyperlink available for every outbound manifest.

Our License Number under CCRS is 7939083039 – please note that this is a change from previous systems, where our Lab ID was 0003.

NOTE: CCRS will not let the lab know what tests are required, whether the sample is QA or non-mandatory, or if medical compliance is required. Clearly mark sample requirements. Our Sample Transfer Form  or something similar works well for this requirement.

If you don’t have an integrator, or if your integrator doesn’t provide manifests for you, you can obtain a manifest from the LCB’s Drupal Manifest Webform. See LCB’s FAQ page for more information, or contact your integrator.

If you are sending samples from outside the 502 market (such as hemp samples or CBD samples) you can use our Sample Transfer Form.