What do I do if my batch fails? And how do I prevent my batch from failing?

When a batch fails, there are usually remediation strategies that can salvage some or all of the value of the material. Depending on the nature of the failure and the type of product, often a failed result can be retested to pass after appropriate treatment and precaution.

Usually, the cause of the failure is systemic within the production/processing facility, and with some critical thought and investigation can be identified and eliminated. Failure rates are different between different manufacturers, and those rates are controlled by underlying factors related to growing environment, handling, and storage.

It is very important that you consult with your lab about the best ways to avoid failures. Every business is different, and if your business experiences failures for any reason, you should ask your lab to help you plan the most effective remediation strategy and — more importantly — identify the root of the problem and eliminate or mitigate in future production.