CCRS: more info released by wslcb

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In a quick follow-up to last week’s blog: things are moving… FAST and S-L-O-W… in the world of CCRS. In our commitment to share information, and keep folks  “in the know” here’s a couple things to report.

For the FAST…. only THREE weeks to get ready.

A WSLCB Bulletin entitled “How to Prepare for Success in CCRS” has been released that states:

“Those needing to modify data in Leaf should do so before the Dec 6th switch to CCRS. Leaf will no longer be available after Dec 18th.”

So folks, that’s just around the corner. (ONLY 3 WEEKS TO GET READY.)

And for the S-L-O-W…. time to get prepared.

Time for producers, growers, manufacturers, processors, retailers and labs – ARE YOU PREPARED? It is a process. We got you covered. 

While this change will certainly cause business disruptions and it will take time to develop a new seamless process, there are ways you can prepare and set yourself up for success. If you use Confidence as your lab of choice, we are here to guide you through  the lab side of the equation, answer questions, and educate you on new processes [See below]. 

Another Bit of News…  Cannabis Alliance Wednesday Webinar

Just yesterday, the Cannabis Alliance hosted a comprehensive seminar on “Where are We at with CCRS?” The webinar can be found on Youtube and provides some conversational points with a number of industry leaders, including our own Bobby Hines. (Yay!)

More to Come. Including… A ConfLabs Webinar.

Stay tuned for more information. Confidence will keep the information coming. If you want to attend our upcoming webinar ‘CCRS and Your Lab’ on November 17 or November 30, please let us know. If you have any questions, please reach out to

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