Cannabinoid List Extended!

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Exciting Announcement! Extended cannabinoid list.

Cannabinoid List Extended! We are happy to announce the addition of CBNA, CBCA, and CBL to our service.* Through our commitment to constant innovation, the science team at Confidence Analytics has recently added these 3 new cannabinoids to our “potency” method and our cannabinoid list now includes  17 cannabinoids!!  CBNA and CBCA are the acidic precursors of CBN and CBC, … Read More

What’s in a strain

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whats in a strain

What’s in a strain, and how do we know? Last Friday, May 20th, the scientific journal PLOSone published an article titled “The phytochemical diversity of commercial Cannabis in the United States” in which the authors describe their analysis of over 90,000 cannabis test results, asking the critical question: what’s in a strain? Confidence Analytics contributed to the research paper by … Read More

Policy Statement: Sell Down Period

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Policy Statement - sales to the max

A new draft Policy Statement was recently released by the WSLCB. Here’s the highlights: On April 2nd pesticide testing requirements go into effect for Washington state cannabis (i502). Retailers have a “sell-down” period until December 31st to clear their shelves of any product not tested under the new rules. Producers and processors have a “phase-in” period until September 30th to clear … Read More

Grading as a Service

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Cannabis Grading Report Card

We sat down with Jhavid Mohseni of Aperon Corporation to talk about cannabis grading and the TOP 5 things producers and processors should keep in mind regarding the quality and care of wholesale material and the upcoming changes regarding mandated pesticide testing.   Q: First, can you tell us a little bit about Tamerlane and Big Tree Grading? How did they … Read More

Pesticide Testing Comes to Washington State

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most common pesticide testing failures

* Pie Chart: Most Common Pesticide Testing Failures as reported by Confidence AnalyticsTM AND THE VOTES ARE IN   Spring brings pivotal change to the Washington State 502 Industry. It has been years in the making… lots of talk, discussion and chatter among the industry and the government. And here we are: Pesticides! Pesticide Testing, more specifically. It is now crunch … Read More

CCRS Reporting: It’s alive!

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CCRS Reporting – It’s ALIVE! With more milestones are on the horizon. And much like Frankenstein’s monster it seems assembled from random body parts and regulatory hijinks, animated by the LCB. CCRS reporting has officially entered our lives eight feet tall and enormously strong but with the mind of a newborn.  This blog post is part of a series. See … Read More