Leaf Software Integrators Meeting – update

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On February 21, our software development team attended Leaf Data System’s integrators meeting. Topics of discussion included ticketing, known errors, and the systems development life cycle.

Leaf is experiencing high ticket volumes, as you may imagine. They requested integrators provide greater detail in their bug reports. This should increase clarity to the errors, and make ticket resolution more efficient.

A review of known issues indicated most integrators are experiencing the same problems. There are currently a few common issues in “Hot fix” development. Leaf is actively working on correcting units of measure. They are sorting through the sample pass/fail logic. The current patch also corrects the quantities received from manifest samples populating correctly.

The release cycle for fixes and features will run about 7 weeks. There are stages for requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and release. It is an iterative process intended to keep releases moving in a structured, and predictable fashion. The current hot fix is in development, so we should see that correction in the next couple of weeks.

Further Actions

Leaf will be responding to the memo the Cannabis Alliance sent detailing the issues seen across its membership. While noting some points in the memo may require policy change or formal change requests from the State, they did seem to recognize some good ideas. Let’s keep letting the LCB know what we need, and make those changes happen!

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