New Method for Terpene and Residual Solvent tests!

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A few months ago, we embarked on a development path with a new instrument that ultimately did not live up to our expectations. As a result, we had to suspend terpenes and residual solvents test offerings to our customers. Learning from the experience, we spent our time working to redefine the standard of quality of these tests for the benefit of our industry.

Today we are very pleased to launch our new method, which includes 24 of the most common terpenes in cannabis. By utilizing multiple analytical instruments and scientific experts from around the country, we now feel confident that no better volatiles analysis for cannabis  is offered anywhere in the state.

If you have previously tested with us, you may notice some of the terpenes we used to report are no longer included, while several new compounds have been added. This is because our new method has been custom-crafted for cannabis, and is not based on a pre-mixed terpene standard – as many lab methods for terpenes currently are. This cannabis-centered approach will be our paradigm going forward as we continue to add terpenes to the method. Furthermore, we are resuming work toward new testing protocols that will meet the LCB’s proposed rule requirements for residual solvent testing, adding considerable detail to our data.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who supported us as we developed our new methods, and we are proud to continue being your one stop shop for all of your cannabis testing needs.

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