Top Reasons for Cannabis Testing

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Top Reasons for Cannabis Testing

Cannabis use is on the rise with many adults trying cannabis for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits rather than just the recreational high. Due to medical and recreational legalization in certain states, and the subsequent openings of dispensaries and retail shops, cannabis testing has now become very important in the industry. Just like all other medical products, medical and retail cannabis must have proper information regarding potency and dosage, which is where testing comes into play.

There are regulations and requirements that cannabis products must meet, so labs around the world are performing tests to ensure these products are meeting and there are now regulations for cannabis that must be met. Companies that sell medical marijuana must have all items assessed, and this includes each strain that is offered. You will find that various strains, such as Gelato, have different potencies and different dosages, and all of this information is found and then included on product labels.

Let’s take a look at the major reasons labs are conducting cannabis tests and what these results mean to users. And read more on

Consumer Safety

This is the primary reason for cannabis testing. Labs ensure that cannabis products are tested for potency and safe for human consumption. This means products must meet strict standards, which can include looking for contaminants such as microbes, mycotoxins, solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.


Each state that has legalized the use and production of cannabis will have regulatory bodies. These regulators determine, manage, and enforce compliance testing . Before any product can be sold, it must be examined by a third-party testing lab accredited or licensed by a regulatory body in the state. Compliance regulations must be met in order for cannabis to be distributed and sold.


All products that contain cannabis pass through various stages of production and are handled by many along the way. During each phase, contamination is possible and the product may be exposed to microbes, chemicals, pesticides, or other contaminants. Each individual state examines different pesticides and these can vary greatly. For example, California will test for 66 different pesticides, while Nevada only tests for 24.


One of the important factors of cannabis testing is getting the proper ratio of THC to CBD, which indicates the potency of the product. It is important for labs to measure this ratio and report it accurately. Assessments are routinely performed to determine the potency for all types of strains. As a grower, this is mandatory and will result in the ability to offer something that consumers will feel safe buying, and ensures the highest quality and most accurate information on strain potency.


Testing labs play a key role in the industry by routinely analyzing cannabis products that will be sold to consumers. Most lab companies are concerned with compliance data, which will allow the product to be sold in the state if it meets set standards. Aside from making sure compliance data is offered, the potency of each strain will be assessed to provide information on levels of THC and CBD. 

With testing, cannabis products can be approved for human consumption, and users will get the numbers needed to make an informed choice. As the industry continues to grow, testing will ensure consumers are protected and producer/processors meet regulations.

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  1. Hemp and/or Cannabis Flower
    Sample passes for (ND):

    Aflatoxins B1,B2,G1,G2
    Heavy Metals
    Salmonella spp.
    Escherichia coli

    Still test positive for Enterobacteria

    Is this something that I should be concerned about?
    If so, how do I quantify/qualify risk?
    If so, how do I remediate?

    Asking for a friend 

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