The Black List: Pesticides

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In addition to the tests required under WAC 314-55-10, new testing requirements are being implemented for Medical Cannabis as it comes under the purview of I502. The new section, WAC 246-70-050, requires testing for 13 prohibited pesticides for all flower, trim, leaves, or other plant matter. Concentrates require testing for 15. The Washington State Dept. of Health issued a post … Read More

Some Relief from the IRS

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“A taxpayer who paid the State of Washington marijuana excise tax should treat the expenditure as a reduction in the amount realized on the sale of the property,” says the Office of Associate Chief Counsel (Income Tax and Accounting). Per the memo from Thomas D. Moffitt,Chief of Branch 2 of the Office of Associate Chief Counsel, “We interpret the State … Read More

Terpenes and Tasting

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Whenever you open a fresh bag of cannabis, you probably note a variety of smells that come forth. It might smell like skunks, flowers, or berries. The cornucopia of aromas found in the many phenotypes of cannabis out there are numerous and varied. Terpenes are not limited to just marijuana. Terpenes are naturally pre-sent in a wide variety of plants … Read More

Cannabis Flavor/Scent Wheel

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Organoleptics is based in ISO methodology and FDA regulation for conducting scientific testing in which sensory evaluation is used to evaluate quality of product. For cannabis, it is a complex test designed to provide a quality evaluation metric that looks well beyond the THC quantity of the plant, and considers a multitude of variables to identify and express the merits … Read More

Solvent Quantity, Yield, and Purity

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Graph of solvent quantity vs yield

Anyone who uses solvents to extract Cannabinoids on a large scale will tell you that the solvents are expensive. Not only is it cost-effective to recover and reuse the solvents, it is wise to use only as much solvent as is necessary, and not more. Using excess solvent lengthens the purge time and reduces the capacity of your equipment. Of … Read More

Cannabinoid Crystallization

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At Confidence Analytics, we strive to understand more about Cannabis every day. Not only do we perform experiments to improve our procedures and data quality, but we have the opportunity to try new and exciting techniques in the laboratory. This week,¬†Molecular Biologist Levi Boss and Chemist Zachary Iszard¬†bring you some preliminary results on a project that fascinates them: crystallization and … Read More