State of the Art: High Resolution Terpene Analysis and more

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Confidence Analytics is pleased to announce that after months of method development we are now in full production with our brand new, state-of-the-art Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometry (GCMS). This instrument now empowers us to offer the very best in scent and flavor analysis, with high sensitivity and selectivity to over 45 terpenes and esters commonly found in cannabis, as … Read More

2016 DOPE Magazine Industry Awards: Best Testing Facility

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We at Confidence are honored to receive the 2016 DOPE Magazine Industry Award for Best Testing Facility. We are proud to have shared the list of category nominees with Integrity Labs, and Analytical 360, and we’re grateful for the efforts of Dope Magazine in their continued efforts and support of medical and recreational Cannabis across the country. It is a … Read More

Russet Mites: A need-to-know guide for a microscopic enemy

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Aculops cannabicola, or the hemp russet mite, is striking Washington cannabis growers hard this year.  Numerous growers are fighting off these tiny pests, and they are spreading like a plague of locusts. The most frightening fact about these pests is that they are not visible to the naked eye.  The size of these guys ranges from 20 to 170 µm long … Read More

It’s marijuana not methamphetamine; Why Going Legal is not like Breaking Bad

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Like millions of Americans, some of the folks here at Confidence Analytics are big fans of the show Breaking Bad. With knock-out performances by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, and an extremely intense script guided by showrunner Vince Gilligan, the series delivers exciting drama with highly-relatable characters, offering a chance to reflect on the war on drugs and the far … Read More

Why 0.877?

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Bubbling Dab

We’ve received many customer calls and visitor questions over the years concerning one seemingly arbitrary number. This number is featured in the important calculation for “THCmax”, or total available THC as we like to call it. The calculation looks something like this: THCmax = THC + 0.877 * THCA This number is not at all arbitrary, but where does it … Read More

QA Sampling – Pretense and Protocol

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While most growers strive to improve their product with careful growing techniques and handling, there are a few who attempt to employ more…questionable means. As an analytical laboratory operating in a competitive market, the receipt of doctored samples puts us in an awkward position. We’re not generally in the business of turning away samples, but there are times when scientific integrity demands … Read More