CCRS Reporting: It’s alive!

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CCRS Reporting – It’s ALIVE! With more milestones are on the horizon. And much like Frankenstein’s monster it seems assembled from random body parts and regulatory hijinks, animated by the LCB. CCRS reporting has officially entered our lives eight feet tall and enormously strong but with the mind of a newborn.  This blog post is part of a series. See … Read More

CCRS Traceability – It’s A GO! Time to get ready.

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The Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS) – it’s a GO for December. This blog post is part of a series. See our other recent updates on CCRS traceability: CCRS – Approaching the new guidelines CCRS – More info released by wslcb Yesterday the WSLCB responded to an inquiry from the Cannabis Observer’s Gregory Foster. The Cannabis Observer reported: “November 17th … Read More

CCRS: more info released by wslcb

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In a quick follow-up to last week’s blog: things are moving… FAST and S-L-O-W… in the world of CCRS. In our commitment to share information, and keep folks  “in the know” here’s a couple things to report. For the FAST…. only THREE weeks to get ready. A WSLCB Bulletin entitled “How to Prepare for Success in CCRS” has been released … Read More

CCRS: Approaching the new guidelines

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What in the world is happening next month? Are you ready for CCRS? By: Bobby Hines, CTO; Lauren Wurth, EBC; Lara Kaminsky, TWC Coordinator; Stephanie Reilly, House Counsel; Nick Mosely, CEO New Chapters in Cannabis Traceability  Next month a new chapter will begin in Washington state as the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) takes the bold step of … Read More

Homegrown Cannabis in Washington?

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Homegrown Cannabis in Washington. Is homegrown cannabis headed our way? Last week our own Lara Kaminsky, Program Director at Confidence Analytics, caught some press! Lara, in her capacity as the Government Affairs Liaison for the non-profit (501-c-6) The Cannabis Alliance, testified (virtually) in front of the Washington State House Commerce & Gaming Committee. WHY? Once again the legislature is debating … Read More

Top Reasons for Cannabis Testing

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Top Reasons for Cannabis Testing Cannabis use is on the rise with many adults trying cannabis for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits rather than just the recreational high. Due to medical and recreational legalization in certain states, and the subsequent openings of dispensaries and retail shops, cannabis testing has now become very important in the industry. Just like all other … Read More