CCRS Reporting: It’s alive!

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CCRS Reporting – It’s ALIVE! Frankenstein afraid of CCRS reporting.

With more milestones are on the horizon.

And much like Frankenstein’s monster it seems assembled from random body parts and regulatory hijinks, animated by the LCB. CCRS reporting has officially entered our lives eight feet tall and enormously strong but with the mind of a newborn. 

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CCRS Traceability: It’s a GO!

On December 6th cut-over to CCRS came and went. This means Leaf is no longer necessary or sufficient for maintaining traceability reporting requirements. But this was just the beginning. Read on to learn about more important milestones on the horizon.

Milestone #1

Licensees have until December 13th — that’s this Sunday! — to make their initial inventory reconciliation to CCRS. Debate ensues as to whether the deadline is 11:59:59 pm on the 12th (7 full days after the 6th of December) or 9:59:59 am on the 13th (7 full days after the actual launch of CCRS reporting) or whether the deadline is end of day on the 13th (and is end of day midnight or is it 5pm?) 

We would suggest to avoid any problems you do it by the end of the weekend.

Email from LCB: “The expectation by December 13th is that the initial upload of all of the CSV required reports has been completed. The weekly reporting requirement will be in effect after December 13th. WSLCB has defined ‘week’ as Sunday – Saturday. Additionally it is expected that a full transition to Webform Manifest use has taken place by December 13th.”

So what does that mean? Moving forward, licensees are to report their activity to CCRS at least once per week. The LCB seems to imply that any activity occurring during a week must be reported by 11:59:59 pm of the following Sunday to remain compliant. Does this mean that an activity occurring on a Saturday at 10 pm has 26 hours to report, while an activity occurring at 2 am on a Sunday has almost 8 full days to report? That’s what it sounds like. 

Milestone #2

Next, on December 18th, Leaf will officially be decommissioned and will no longer be available for licensees. This means the interoperability solutions developed by the WCIA and discussed in our previous blog posts become all the more important for keeping inventory moving through the supply chain.

Be sure your integrator is ready to….

  1. get your weekly reporting out by the deadlines and
  2. receive manifests and lab results via the WCIA interoperability solution.

We are here to help.

As always, we at Confidence can help you navigate the lab integration portion of the CCRS. You can read through our past blogs or contact us directly at for more information.


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